Script Development and Acting Coaching

As a company we have ten years of script development and acting coaching under our belt.

If you have something that you’ve written and you’re unsure where to go with it, we offer a personally tailored script development services starting at just £20.

We’ve worked with writers who have never had their scripts read out loud, writers who need that extra boost of confidence to make something happen, and we’ve even taken it all the way to that first professional pitch. We’ve helped develop numerous award-winning film and theatre scripts, as well as projects that have gone on to being picked up by major UK TV companies.

We also offer bespoke audition coaching and acting coaching for comedians and performers. Our team have taught at renowned spaces such as Shakespeare’s Globe and Iris Theatre, and coached some of the top comedians in the UK.

We thrive off making things happen, and giving artists that kick up the backbone, (yes, we went there) teaching them how to fish… so that they can make those first crucial steps and feel confident enough to take it from there..

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