Meet The Team

Backbone Theatre is an ensemble of theatre makers working across a variety of art forms. We work within a community of creatives, and support our members by making their projects and ideas a reality.

In 2011 the company was founded by RCSSD graduates Andrea De La Cruz, Natalie Raaum and Kate-Lois Elliott.

From 2014 onwards the company has been run by Kate-Lois Elliott and a team of freelance directors, actors, writers and makers from London and the South East of England.

For general enquiries you can contact us at

Contact the Artistic Director at

People we love to work with: Sidney Berthier (Director – Koschei The Deathless), Dan Haycock (Writer – Koschei The Deathless), Kevin Bennett (Director – Fresco), Emma Rose Richardson (Actor – Below The Hills, Doug Elliott (Cinematographer – Below The Hills), Writer – Backbone Workshops), Olivia Mace (Writer – Fresco), Amy Insole (Associate Director – The Bistro), Holly Mallett (Assistant Director – Oliver, Sound – Below The Hills), Mei Mac (Movement Director – Oliver Workshops, Writer – Chopsticks in the Cotton Fields), Lucy Laing (Writer – Last Orders), Elizabeth Mary Williams (Movement Director – Backbone Workshops), Alex Wood (Writer – Nine Foot Nine Workshops.)

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