Theatre: Last Orders

Last Orders by Lucy Laing played at the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell in December 2015. Backbone produced the sell out show in a co-production with Albert Entertainment . The ‘work in progress’ performances were followed by a Q&A with the writer and cast, and the show has since been developed further and gone on to run at the Bread and Roses and the Lion and Unicorn.

Cast: Callum Speed, Kiefer Bryson, Kate-Lois Elliott
On the anniversary of a death, a decade after the event that stole their last Christmas together, three friends meet to commemorate the life of the one they lost.

Trying to overcome the distance that life has put between them Dan, Sally and Dave attempt to piece together the relationships they thought they’d left behind. They soon realise that their memories are only one version of the past and that one of the hardest decisions is choosing between who you are and who you once were.

Last Orders explores the loyalty of childhood friendships and how, with life’s experiences, we all grow up to be something we weren’t.

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