Nine Foot Nine by Alex Wood

For November 2017 we workshopped Nine Foot Nine, a new play by Alex Wood, at Theatre Deli. Photos below, many thanks to all participants for contributing so much. Nine Foot Nine is set in a dystopian world. It asks the simple question: What if, over a period of nine months, a disproportionate number of women on earth started to growContinue reading “Nine Foot Nine by Alex Wood”

Bruises by Nadia Cavelle

  Backbone is proud to support BRUISES by Nadia Cavelle Performed in the Finborough basement, Wednesday 16th December 2014…. ‘They have little in common but their unusual names – and yet, while she can’t seem to get over hers, he’s learned to live with his. This is what happens when they fall in love. Meanwhile,Continue reading “Bruises by Nadia Cavelle”

Backbone’s Back (alright!)

After a year and a half of working on individual projects the team at Backbone is back.  We’re working on delivering a series of play readings whilst developing a specific kind of ensemble. The workshops will be from obscure classical theatre in non-performance spaces right through to new writing for film and theatre. Check outContinue reading “Backbone’s Back (alright!)”

The story of “storytelling hospitality” by Backbone Theatre

Once upon a time the world was filled with wonderful spaces where people would get together to listen and share their stories. These spaces took many shapes and forms, from theatres and living rooms, to buses, stadiums and phone boxes. There was even a snail’s shell too. Some of the stories told in this places wereContinue reading “The story of “storytelling hospitality” by Backbone Theatre”

Freshly squeezed Run Through Thoughts (with a side of actual facts)

Ahhh. Well, that was tasty. We did our first proper run through today. Spaghetti headphones, tape noodles, salt and letter… we made a pretty cool meal (thanks Chef!) We can’t show you any photos yet, because that would probably ruin the illusion before tomorrow, but how about a little insight into the Backbone Bistro facts: BackboneContinue reading “Freshly squeezed Run Through Thoughts (with a side of actual facts)”