The Darkest of Souls

Our next live script reading will be on Zoom on Thursday 16th July at 7pm. We will be reading a sci-fi film, The Darkest of Souls, by Deloris Collins (@obsidianrose3) Deloris is an award winning horror and sci-fi writer and director. Her film, Skin, won Best Fantasy Film at Terror Film Festival and was selectedContinue reading “The Darkest of Souls”

Shed by Kate Webster

Our February reading and workshop is on Wednesday 13th February at 7pm, Theatre Deli Moorgate. To Participate email us or join the Backbone Theatre Collective on Facebook for more information. Shed by Kate Webster Retired teacher Alan loves his garden, the sound of his own voice and cricket. And he’s living in his garden shed. TeenageContinue reading “Shed by Kate Webster”


We are very excited to announce our next reading on November 20th at 6.30pm, Theatre Deli, Moorgate. Run, Monster is a feature sporting biopic written by BAFTA winning writer Alex Rose and created by Georgina Higgins. The film is inspired by the true story of World Championship hurdler Dai Greene. — A sports fanatic teenager, Dai Greene,Continue reading “RUN, MONSTER”

Chopsticks in the Cotton Fields / You Can’t On These

This summer we’re workshopping two plays from East Asian writers. Chopsticks in the Cotton Fields by Mei Mac will be workshopped in July. You Can’t on These by Bertha Lee will be workshopped in August. Both stories explore East Asian identities, and we’re so excited to be hosting the work as part of our residency atContinue reading “Chopsticks in the Cotton Fields / You Can’t On These”

Oliver Twist

  In December 2017 we workshopped the Dickensian classic Oliver Twist at Theatre Deli, Broadgate. We’ve been looking at some classic storytelling and devising techniques, and at lesser explored themes of the book, which are usually overlooked. We’ll be holding more workshops throughout 2018, if you’re interested in getting involved please get in touch viaContinue reading “Oliver Twist”

Blogpost: The Road(s) Less Travelled

In your late twenties you start to look to the future. You perhaps realise that the assumptions you made at 16 about where you’d be at 27, 33 or 40 come from media related hype, involving ancient societal pressures on any woman over 27 to marry immediately and sort her life out, all the whileContinue reading “Blogpost: The Road(s) Less Travelled”

Comedy Nights

We’ve workshopped various scripts over the last few sessions at Theatre Deli, including a workshop and performance of the talented Emma Richardson’s new work ‘Sugar Daddy Dot Com’ as part of Mind The Gap at the Theatre Delicatessen bar. We’ve also worked on comedy sketches and short films. If you’re attending a comedy night, thoughContinue reading “Comedy Nights”

The Frog Princess @ Theatre Deli

The first workshop of 2018 was ‘The Frog Princess.’ It’s a feature-length film script being developed by Fish Overboard pictures (4 Fit Girls) who plan to shoot in Spring 2019. ‘The genre is fairytale/drama/comedy/epic, it’s an allegory for marriage and learning to accept your partner for who they are, and who they may become. WithContinue reading “The Frog Princess @ Theatre Deli”